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. america is the country that stopped the nazis is actual nazis themselves. you are as edgy as a ball of play-doh. your prize for this astute comentary is with sean robins and sean penn. i need a horse video to cleanse my pallet. >> i told you it would make you forget everything. it makes you forget everything. i have to ask you, larry, have you been around and seen protests -- a lot of protest music. what do you make of this? >> the fact that she forgot that were it not for the united states military she would be singing burgin-de-friegenzie. >> is that swedish? >> thalz the closest i can -- that's the closest i can get. these people who have become suddenly famous, all of a sudden are suddenly brilliant. and their world view extends past their boobinskis or whatever. the fact she would do that -- the whole deal that war never changed anything, well except slavery and tierney and naziism. no, it never fixed anything. go ask tiger woods or michael jordan if they wish the civil war never happened. they would probably tell you no. playing basketball and playing golf is a lot better than
yaum is bringing to america this, is what it's stake in november. all of this information and more can be found in part one of a new book. it's 2010, take back america. and joining me now is the author of the brand new book. dick morris. welcome to "hannity". >> i'd shake your hand but my elbow bump. >> i don't want you to get sick. very a strained voice. >>> a hand bump is meaning not shaking. >> and yes. >> first, i love the book. i love it. and it's a great -- you get into great detail here and there is great strategies here. i want to start at the beginning this, is important. you've got to start and make the case. barack obama is ruining america. he's destroying everything that makes us great. two stories today. white house signs tsar. u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got a picture of a president bowing before another world leader and saying in another piece, roguean puts it in his piece today talking about america, you know, he's comparing to us, you know a third world dictatorship for crying outloud. >> in your tax segment you talk abou
from new york, defending freedom. freedom. happy easter, america. smie welcome to "red eye." it is like the incredible hulk, if by hulk you mean greg. andy, what's coming up on tonight's special show? >> greg, coming up on tonight's special show, a new gal lop poll shows the majority of america don't like either political party or members of congress. we'll investigate. and is planting child pornography on a woman's husband's computer the way to her heart? the answer is i sure hope so. and why is hollywood remaking movies that were not that good in the first place? some say it is a lack of creativity and shear laziness. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> the i pad comes out on saturday. >> so what. >> it would be nice if you bought me one as an apology. >> an apology for what? >> i don't know where to begin with you, greg. >> looks like somebody isn't doing their morning meditations. >> that somebody is you. >> go away. way to ruin a special show. well, they are far from frightful. they are always delightful and extremely insightful. enough about the teamsters. let's welcome our
toen ploy meant and then there was little difference between the tp's and the rest of america. even with the obvious lack of liberals, the tp's represent the, quote, public at large. meaning they manage the hardware store and watch your house when you are on vacation. they probably hate rap music, but they hate "gossip girl." the fact that the tea partiers will stop calling tea partiers racist? of course not. the left feels the same way about america as they do about the tea partiers. if you have ever been stuck at a cocktail party in manhattan or san francisco, the party existed forever. but they were not called tea partiers yet. >> if you disagree with me, are you a racist homophobe who does not reuse shopping bags. >>> joe, every time white folks get together, the media yells racism. is that fair? >> no, when you refer to the tea parties as the tp's it is racist to native americans. >> i am so sorry. >> racist unfortunately has become a thing you say as a way of saying, be gone white person i disagree with. it is not fair with people with different opinions or people victim of ac
want to inherit the america i know we can be. i only hope in that america people are free to do this. >> i refuse to live in a country where heads can't be used as drums. this story is a difficult one for me. if you are giving your life for your country, you are defending your country, you should be allowed to do anything you want. >> kill a bunch of kids. >> i didn't say that, idiot. >> if it is a job, it is a job. you can't say bad things about your boss. i would be mad if shultz was putting stuff on twitter about me. >> this is not employee, employer. it is my understanding the orders are not optional. he is the property of uncle sam. if his orders say one thing he needs to stick to that. also there is the small note that facebook is not a place where any serious discussion on anything should be held. >> that was his greatest sin. facebook is for like, what is this poking? why are people putting pictures about their babies everywhere. it is not for serious causes. >> it is fun. >> when facebook get serious it is boring and ugly and dumb. >> the military seems to want these guys to
forth america's national security strategy. god, i am already board by this topic. under the bush administration it says, quote, the struggle against militant islamic radicals is the conflict of the early years of 21st century, unquote. well, not anymore, not anymorers. president obama's advisors are removing religious terms such as islamic extremism and jihad from the strategy. the change is part of the administration's long-term efforts to engage the muslim world by emphasizing that america does not view muslim nations through the lens of terror, but rather countries filled with rainbows and unicorns and little elves that make toys for children. and while skeptics say obama is politically correct and tone deaf, they say poppy cock. can we end with something that makes the story kind of interesting? >> ♪ and i ♪ will always love you >> rick, you were openly weeping during that clip. good for you, rick. it touched you. >> it touched me in places i didn't know existed. >> that's happened before with you. i will go to you, neolle. i -- noelle. i bet you are behind removing relig
for america to.. do more than just talk to... iran... it sounds like he thinks the.... list goes on and on of the threats we made to the iranian people. so far no action. >> the list goes on and on of the threats we have made to the iranians. and so far no action. my favorite secretary of state in all the world once said, the marine drill instructor said never point a gun at somebody unless you are ready to pull the trigger. we keep .ing the gun and haven't pulled a single trigger and it is about time we did. >> so true. shirley is not -- surely he is not saying that after such a failure. it is hard to imagine friends and enemies would put such stock in america's pronouncement. >> after such a failure, it is hard to imagine that friends and enemies alike would put much stock in america's pronounce meants. make no miss i can stake. if iran achieves nuclear weapons capability, it is not because we couldn't stop it, but because we chose not to stop it. >> i like the lady back there just looking on. >> meanwhile, iran's odd man has written a letter to the secretary general. he asked
of it. i really think they are ridiculous. we should make fun of them the way like team america made fun of a matt damon who is perfect and sometimes we need to laugh at a smart satire of terrorists. >> greg: i think you are right and i think that is one of the best weapons. just have to be but you should go all out. >> but greg, he is not saying that i'm not mocking islam meaning that islamic extremism is okay. he's saying i'm not trying to paint the whole of islam with this brush. >> that is why i didn't get the argument here. if you are making fun of islamic extremists you are a dead man either way. if he was -- i think it is braver to be like i'm not making fun of all of islam but still giving it to the extremists. they are going after him either way. i don't see what the problem is there. >> greg: the extremist he is painting is not harmful, just bummabling idiots. >> but still able to kill people, you know, nine out of ten bummabling time. >> with a comedy, you can't just address the real fanaticism and say i will go in and kill you, no real laughs there. >> you can't get a laugh o
. >> that is physical, not mental. this is weirder. i have a small bladder and i'm sorry, america. >> that's not the only thing. >> i think it is fascinating guyses with some social ineptitude are not socializing, but judges and politicians and no one cares that representative nasa was gay. it was how he hit on those guys. do you want a tickle fight? no self-respecting gay would say that. with him it is a problem. >> it is always people that get to the higher esh lon, but maybe it is because they found out they have a terrible way of hitting on people. >> they are doing their homework in college instead of going to the parties. >> that's no excuse. there is craigslist. >> that's where they meet. >> what is this craigslist? i must find out. who is this craig character? >> they ask for photos and that's a problem. >> ron is a handsome guy. >> listen to him, everyone. >> this next story is so in your face you will be saying, hey, story, get out of my face. who is behind that hood de and fake muss stash? -- mustache? somebody trying to conceal their identity. that wasn't very hard. .
. but is there a danger in relying too much on technology? >> technology is the silver bullet. >> join us >>> from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. president obama getting ready for a two day nuclear security summit in washington. the president met with world leaders sunday saying organizations like al-qaeda are the single biggest threat to u.s. security. mr. obama believes terrorists would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they got ahold of them. the president commended south africa on its decision to abandon an earlier nuclear weapons project. >>> investigators saying there are no signs technical problems brought down the plane carrying poland's president. among those killed were dozens of prominent politicians and military officers. investigators say the pilot was advised not to land because of foggy weather but that he decided to land anyway. >>> a 6.2 earthquake rocking spain. striking 50 miles southeast near gratitude ney da. it was centered at a depth of more than 380 miles. no reports of damage or injuries so far. and a small earthquake shaking the san diego area. the largest on
of them like team america feigned fun of kim gong i will or -- kim jong-il or matt damon. >> i think you are right and i think that is one of the best weapons. you just have to be -- you should go all out. >> but greg, he is not saying, i am not mocking islam, meaning that islam extremism is okay. he says, i am fry trying to paint the whole of islam with this brush. >> that's why i don't get the argument. if you are making fun because i am an extremist, you are a dead man. if he was actual actually -- i think $braver to say, i am not making fun of all of islam. the extremists are going after him either way. >> the extremists he is painting are not harmful, just bumbling idiots. >> well, he is right. but they can still people 9 on you of 10 bumbling times. >> you can't address the real fanatics. >> yeah, you can't get a laugh out of daniel pearl being beheaded. there is nothing funny about that. i haven't seen the movie and i am dying to see it. chris morris is a seen yus. you have seen brat's eye. it is an incredible show. he is not stupid. >> at the end of the day, last time i checked t
on america? >> right. it is. >> and if we can't manipulate our children with cartoon characters into begging parents to spend money, what kind of society are we? >> do you know what it is? mcdonalds is big, cheap affordable, successful. jim what do you think? do you eat at mcdonalds? i loved it. >> no. i'm not a big fan. i mean, look at ronald mcdonald. it's not realistic that. clown eats there he's going to be a big fat slob. make a big fat ronald. he's got a michael phelps body and he's too creepy. >> do you know what the thing is? i met actually ronald mcdonald. the real one in 1970s in belmont california like a big deal. he was like my hero. >> he's probably dead now it wasn't rely a mcdonald autos is there only just one? >> there was and i met him in a park. >> it was strange. the only mcdonalds van i ever saw. >> he gave you a free cheese burger. >> he did. it didn't taste like cheese thchl evil laid gee blaming mcdonalds for what parents should be responsible for. i imagine you think i'm wrong? >> i support this. i do this that we're going the way of antismoking a. we do need to have
see you tomorrow. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like the english patient if by english you mean mental. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, why are doctorses turning to huh louse gnaw generals to treat patients? we will ask the giant on the unicorn for answers. that one there. chill out lizard. and we'll look at how tip jarses are over running the city and then figure out why we didn't win a pulitzer on monday. and should facebook be named divorce book? some say yes, but others say it would be a terrible marketing move. >> thank you, andy. >> i notice a lot of your stuff is not at our place. >> i gave a lot of old clothes to charity. nothing to concern yourself about. >> did you give your toothbrush, de yoder rent and that giant picture to charity? >> since when did you care how i smelled? >> i don't, but i can't believe paco agreed to go considering how you treat him. >> go away man with glasses. >>> let's welcome our guest. she rules the right
. discover education working at >> sean: tonight in hannity's america. the white house press corp up in arms today after they were barred from covering a gay rights protest outside the white house yesterday in what has been described as rare and unusualç move police closed pennsylvania avenue and lafayette park during the protest. the closure stopped reporters from further covering the activists speaking out against don't ask don't tell and that policy. take a look. >> back off! park's closed! >> have you seen them do this before? >> let's go, back upç, park's closed! >> sean: you can hear the reporter asking if this has ever happened before? what we can be sure of if it happened during the bush administration the left would still be talking about it this very day. there are new indications that the democrats will stop at nothing to push their radical agenda through congress. whether it is cap and tax or immigration reform, it is all on the table for the left thanks to the return of the controversial process known as reconciliation. accordingç to senator cardin democrats bel
york. america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> welcome to red eye. it's like perfect strangers. let's go to andy levy what. is coming up on tonight's show? >> thank you, greg. coming up, tens of thousands of women plan to hold a boob quake on monday. got your attention now. and plus, will they ban the birka? the home of archie and betty gets more fabulous. and we'll investigate whether this puts rumors to rest. greg? >> thank you. >> up yours, greg. >> this is a family show. >> that's it. >> all right. >> welcome our guests. i'm here with courtney, so hot and tasty that fries are now called french friles. yes. and there is -- yes. you do. there is bill shults. his face is a bar stool. and sitting next to me, jesse joyce, funnier than a drunken clown roasting a keeblerelf over charred smurfs and good to see you again, you lousy of paper. >> hey. no two first time viewers. i'm a talking paper. saying things in the ivory tower made from republican tears. >> well done. >> yes. >> couldn't find anything? >> no. snow day. >> i understand. >> do you? >> as you know,
do you know that? >> you're disturbing use and there is -- why didn't she do this in america? why asia? >> because they flew her out there and she's a moron. >> you can call her a moron. >> she is a moron. and there the way she apologized she just adds insult to injury. not surprising but that is not an apology. and i never understood the phrase. >> i'll explain it to you right after the show you punch someone, then you're like you're a moron. >> yeah. my heart is injured. >> and there is a very important question. isn't the great thing about bomb shell mcgee, i believe this is what you see is what you get. and i think that is water front. >> and there is no i'd yat kind of things she's seeing. >> you can judge a book by the cover. you can look and go "that is trouble". >> you can read it like a book. >> and this is one of the most insincere apologies i've ever heard and i've heard a lot. >> what she's saying is that i'm so sorry about your tough luck and embarrassment and this is because of my actions. she's not taking responsibility for any of it. that is important. >> there was
will be filed under idiot america by our green knees state side and abroad. yes, it is another example of how selfish and short sided we dumb as yanks are. screw the earth. all we care about are the suvs and the playstations and our vintage collection of slungen spotted owl heads. i have 4. so when not frenching hugo chavez sean penn will shake his head and al gore will sob quietly in his air conditioned silo made of coffee table books. these freaks are wrong. the reason americans are less likely to make head changes is not because they hate the earth. they hate people who will not shut up about the earth. so whose fault is that? by abandoning reason debate in most scientific arenas, they became a mixture of chicken little and mrs. kravitzs, from be itch withed. and then they got cocky. most americans do care about the earth, but they can smell bs a mile away. and yeah i am refer 20*g barbara streisand. if you disagree, you are probably a racist homophobe who pours milk on starving kittens in homes of enticing them to cannibalism. does this poll mean we are all selfish jerks? >> no, it means
the interview in america? why did she have to go all wait to asia? >> they flew her out there. everybody hates her. she is a more ron. i'm sorry to say that. >> you can call her a moron. >> it is insulting to bill. >> sorry. the way she apologizes and then takes out the text messages to add insult to injury, not surprising she would do that. but that's not an apology, michelle. >> i don't understand insult to injury. >> i will explain it. >> you punch somebody and then you say, you are a more ron. >> like my heart is injured. >> allison, very important question, isn't the great thing about "bombshell" mcgee and i firmly believe this, what you see is what you get. >> no, i think those still waterses run deep, greg. you have no idea the kind of things she has seen and been through. >> you can judge a book by its cover. you can look at her and sarks that's trouble. >> you can read her like a book, literally. i think that is one of the most insincere apologies i have ever heard, and i have heard quite a few. basically what she is saying, i am so sorry about your tough luck. i'm so sorry for your e
. from new york. good night, america. >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like peggy sue got married, if by married you mean buried. what's coming up on the show? >> is tourism a human right? some say no, but others say why don't we talk about it over tax funded pena coladas on maui. and truth about your office copy machine, how much it knows about you and what it wants in return to keeping secrets for yourself. and a new survey finds the naughty librarian of myth may be a reality. >> thank you, andy. >> you suck, greg. >> no need to get ugly. >> i stand by what i said. >> i am here with brooke. she is a human rights attorney and an award-winning director. basically she is an underachiever. she is so stunning captain kirk sets tis laser to brooke. and what is that smell? it must be my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. he is held together with twine and gum. and sitting next to me remy spencer. she is so cute that 9 out of 10 ket 10s choose her over yarn. you should be proud. and he tries to act hip, but runs a sinking ship. and it is our new york times correspondent. hi, you ball of t
. >> what's that? >> nothing. >> four cigarettes. >> are you right, america doesn't need a lesson from a person whose right coined the term vast right wing conspiracy to show that little willies were turning into slikt willies in the office. >> that was unnecessary. >> on the other hand "people" is right and they should stop agrees. anding booze like this are not helpful. >> andy, i wrote that when i was broke. >> not helpful to the nation's dialogue. >> i did not write that book. andy has been putting my name on inflammatory materials and circulating them through the country. >> proof. >> it doesn't look handwritten, greg. >> question for pat. you say soul sister has been downloaded 57 million times. that lacks a ring of truth. >> it is pretty close. it is more like 3 million in the u.s., but it is going to be 57. >> and lastly, greg, you said you downloaded it a million times yourself. you know you don't have to do it, right? once you download it you can play as many times you want. oh jeez. >> once you buy it, it is yours. >> i'm glad i found out now. >> a million hits later i'm afr
>> glenn: use truth as your anvil and violence as your hammer. pound away, america. from new york, >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like my three sons if bisons you mean terrified run aways hiding in a shipping container i hid in my back ready yeah. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on the show? >> a former mayor wants city employees to quit smoking or face penalties, possibly including being fired. we will ask questions like what's up with that? straight ahead. and an iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing are causing earthquakes. and finally they will perform live in studio and if you are good they may perform a red eye theme show. >> thank you, andy jie. thank you andy. that's what you sound like. >> not at all. >> i stand by what i said. >> in your tiny head that's what i sound like. >>> let's welcome our guests. i am here with the lovely and delicious diana alzone. she is so hot spark plugs are now diana falzone clubs. he is funnier than a drunken clown making balloon animals out of a smurf's intestine. and my repulsive sidekick. the
's going to be all these women in america, with these tattoos. they're going to look like wrinkled road bats. there's not going to be any cute grandmas, just women that look like somebody threw up on them. >> that's why you need to get the smiley faces. they just get happier no matter how much they expand or sag. >> we do that every easter with my grandma. >> she died four years ago. >> a freak accident throwing up on grandmother. >> can your marriage be saved? >> who carolina. check out these hot chicks. ed assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little or no cost to you. imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit that, with private insurance, may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it. one company that can make it all happen ... your power chair will be paid in full. the scooter store. hi i'm doug harrison. we're experts at getting you the power chair or scooter you need. in fact, if we qualify you for medicare reimbursement and me
against america while making all of that money. >> you notice that the son didn't say the father was joking about causing the earthquake. >> greg: he glossed over that and we have to gloss over to a break. >> why do you that? we have to have a talk. coming up, bill said something stupid and he corrects him lamely, while i bench 450 in the alps. >> when will a new male studies program talk about scment things they do? who cares? check out the dudes -- i mean, where are the women?! ill have ae focusing and paying attention. it feels as though my thoughts are spinning. distractions can make my day even more challenging, especially the mornings, when i really need to be organized. now there is an action guide just for adults with adhd that may help. call the number on your screen for your free copy or visit the guide has tips that may help reduce distractions... so i can focus on my monthly sales goals and finish what i started. with adhd i sometimes have a hard time managing my schedule and trouble meeting deadlines. the guide showed me how to be better organize
as when christopher columbus landed in america which didn't work out well for the native americans" and even worse they could look like this. >> that guy in the tye-dye shirt destroyed my water bed. none of his pronounce ment's are provable. they are always these dry pronounce ment's about other planets. nobody can prove it. >> i totally think aliens do exist. but it was either watching fraggle rock as a child and i want it to be real so i ignore that. >> i think you misunderstand the difference between muppets and aliens. >> no, not at all. >> what was the name of the dog in fraggle rock? the dog? >> you stumped me and i can't even google it. >> sprocket. >> it was sprocket. >> a very pro german dog. >> you can prove it. he theorized black holes and then they were found by the, whatever they were -- well, i almost sounded smart. >> not almost. he said that -- >> he compared us with columbus coming here. at first the aliens would take everything we had and then humans would own casinos. >> how bad is that? >> i'm going to ask you a question. hawkg, isn't he basically saying he thin
a mortgage off doing that. god bless america. >> how much money -- i hospital ask. i can guess by the mortgage -- >> it was bad. >> a puppet gets paid more than us, bill. >> well, pinch gets paid more than me. that's two puppets. >> this is a good . this guy's competition is a lizard in a img ka. yet he -- in a cage. >> why not talk like the lizard and get the competition fired? >> this is what's happening. when people are on the web they get angry and they send anonymous e-mails. but they are adults. it is weird. he is a grown man with a successful job leaving messages on answering machines? it is kind of strange. >> and he is saying he is a private citizen, but then they made it clear he drew geico into it. it just seems like he has nothing better to do with his time. and what does that information do for him, really, at the end of the day? >> the seriousness with which he put that message across is the most disturbing thing about that message. >> well, he can get another job somer when, i imagine. >> i think it is hard to get a job as a voiceover person. i don't feel there a
to america. look at france and germany and look at the other countries. they are saying as all the other institutions are saying, don't withdraw the support from the recovery until the recovery is assured. what david would do in an emergency budget in a few weeks time was for i'd logical reasons to take 6 billion pounds out of the economy and put our recovery at risk. the time to do the deficit reduction is when the recovery is assured. and david, you have just got it wrong economically, and it is the same mistake the conservatives made, the same party of the 1930s to the 1980s and the 1990s. >> every business leader is saying we have it right and the government is going on and wasting money. let me tell you where i think we should start. we should start with welfare. there are 5 million people out of work with related benefits. there are people who could work who we would train for work, but we should say in our country, if you don't accept work, you can't go on claiming benefits. that's something labor has left us with this terrible mess and the democrats have nothing to say about welf
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